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Living Fossils

The state by young earth creationists is that these living fossils are evidence that the earth is young. The reasoning is that since all creatures were living only 4,300 years ago, prior to the time that they date the Flood of Noah, then it's reasonable to assume that they're st.. No doubt you have heard the claims from young earth creationists about living fossils. To discover additional information, please consider checking out: best mens watches. A "living fossil" is definitely an organism that's considered to have already been extinct, and then it shows up alive on the world. The state by young earth creationists is that these living fossils are evidence that the earth is young. The reason is that since all organisms were alive only 4,300 years ago, prior to the time that they date the Flood of Noah, then it's reasonable to assume that they're still alive today. I am sure many people are conscious of the absolute most popular living guess, the coelacanth, the fish regarded as extinct 65 million years ago. In 1938, a was caught off the coast of South Africa, and ever since then several more have now been caught and examined. Aside from the coelacanth, several examples are given by Answers in Genesis in the articles linked above. Discover further on an affiliated encyclopedia by visiting visit my website. Deciding an Organism's Expected Life How is really a fossil's life range is decided? When a patient is found in the fossil record, paleontologists search for the oldest and newest specimen to ascertain it's life variety. For instance, if the earliest specimen of a of dinosaur is in a rock formation dated throughout the Berrasian Age of early Cretaceous, then your earliest this dinosaur endured is all about 140 million years back (140 Ma). If the youngest example of this same species is from the Turonian Age of the Late Cretaceous, then it died out about 90 million years back. Hence, the dinosaur is said to have lived from 140 to 90 Ma. After this date range is revealed, still another test of this dinosaur is uncovered in a rock bed dated to the Santonian Age of the Late Cretaceous. Be taught further on this related URL - Navigate to this website: quality mens watches 2012. Does this mean the earlier days were wrong..obviously. But the incorrect dates were not based on anxiety, but on too little full data. Today, this dinosaur's life is said to be from 140 to 84 Ma. Scientists get this to type of adjustment on a regular basis. New fossils are found, extending the known lifetime of the organism due to new fossil discoveries. There's no trick or fraud on the the main scientist..he/she is merely interpreting the available evidence to achieve a conclusion. What happens when a fossil species is available to be alive, like the coelacanth? It is known lifespan is extended..that's it! It does not ' mean the earth is young, it doesn't even provide good evidence for a young earth. For the coelacanth, its lifespan was extended from 400-65 million years ago to 400 Ma to the present. Nothing further may be implied from this information. In the case of our dinosaur, if it was found alive today, naturally the young earth creationists could claim it's a full time income fossil. Its lifespan would be merely adjusted by the real scientific world to 140 Ma for this. This stylish fossil mens watches discussion web resource has uncountable disturbing tips for where to think over this activity. There would be no panic in the medical world..they wouldn't wonder if the planet earth is really only 6,000 yrs old. The rest of the data plainly indicates an old earth, and one living dino wouldn't oppose that. The presence of a living fossil in no way is evidence for a young world. Yes, there are fossils that periodically generate dwelling, but there are millions more which are long gone, which went extinct millions of years back, and there's no evidence they're alive today. Thus, we've millions of extinct species, and a handful of so-called "living fossils" which have a distance of millions of years in the fossil record. The evidence strongly supports millions of years of termination, and an old earth. When a "living fossil" is available, YECs obviously join it and proclaim it as evidence of a young world. However, when they grasp only at that one straw and bring awareness of it, they're ignoring the 50 foot tall haystack from where it came from.